The story – The idea

The story behind Lady club is the story of two business women who were raised from both sides of the “new silk road”,
the future centre of wealth
and prosperity.

Hasmig Melian comes from Yerevan, Armenia, located where the ancient silk road was on the verge of reaching the European peninsula. The rich culture of the land has rooted deeply in her family, where performing arts of music, dance and craftwork are a natural part of social balancing. Hasmig grew up in Russia and Cyprus, where she not only became an expert of the eastern cultures inside and beyond the EU, but also accomplished a staggering career in the fields accounting, investments and finance.
Xiaoping Zhao-Moll grew up in the Shaanxi province of China, the origin of the silk road of ancient times. While completing an astonishing academic career in China, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland, she set up her business in Germany. From her own insights, and from her vast network of highly skilled, highly positioned women in European and Asian businesses emerged the idea to offer a common platform that interweaves business and care, earning money and nurturing mind and body, to address all domains that constitute female power in business.


The aim of the Wind and Wave Ladies Club is to provide a welcoming venue in Cyprus where club members have the opportunity to connect to one another through blended experiences of SPA, Yoga, music, dance and culture exchange. With our professional arrangements and diversified workshops, the Lady Club empowers women by uplifting them in their personal and professional lives.

Taking care of our body and soul!


The Wind & Wave Lady Club is located in Paphos, Kissonerga area. All five spacious bedrooms have their own en-suite luxury bathroom. Club members can rejuvenate in the rooftop whilst soaking up panoramic views of the sea and the banana plantations.


Our Partner Oasis Rejouve by Papasavva have been industry leaders for over 40 years. The sophisticated technology of innovative machines, coupled with the extensive experience of the Papasavva family, provide revolutionary treatments in aesthetic medicine. Members of the Wind & Wave Lady Club can indulge in the rejuvenating therapies for face and body during their stay.

‘Health, well-being and aesthetics are the top three priorities of Oasis Rejouve.’


A balanced eating pattern is a cornerstone of health. At Wind & Wave, club members will follow a healthy yet delicious nutrition plan. Our purpose is to inspire women to nourish their bodies and sustain this lifestyle as a long-term target. Our associate has been cherry-picked to enliven our vision!

‘We like to refer to our food as “Boutique” or “Bespoke” meaning that, rather than being mass-produced, all our food is freshly prepared by me and my team using locally grown, high-quality produce.’


Part of the Wind & Wave Lady Club experience is learning to quiet the mind through the practice of meditation. Club members also have the opportunity to immerse in the world of Yoga. Both Yoga and meditation are practiced on rooftop of the Wind & Wave venue as well as the cozy Wind & Wave Yoga Club.


Members of the Wind & Wave Lady Club will participate in various professional workshops to enhance their skills in running businesses, budgeting, negotiation, conflict resolution and management to stay competitive in the current fast-paced world.


One of the objectives of the the Wind & Wave Lady Club is to encourage club members to flow with their creative spirit. We collaborate with expert artists who provide masterclasses in classical music, jazz, vocal and dance. Club members get the opportunity to either discover the world of art & music or to improve their existing techniques.

‘Every artist was first an amateur’
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Music Produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.’

Members of the Wind & Wave Lady are fostering the fashion movement of progressing fashion towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Ladies can enjoy shopping in the Wind & Wave Concept Store which hosts eclectic business-wear, active wear, swimwear and exclusive wear from local and international designers. The Concept Store also includes a trendy corner of luxury furniture, rugs and home accessories.



Club members will be served traditional Chinese tea during their shopping experience at the Wind & Wave Concept

Traditionally, tea drinkers were regarded as the ‘academic’ and ‘cultural elites’ of the society. The practice of drinking tea was considered to be an expression of personal morality, education and social principles.


Xiaoping Zhao-Moll
Mobile: +49 151 57624382

Hasmig Melian
Mobile: +357 99 821419

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